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2 Reviews and Replies for Corn Belt Energy

Worst Place Ever! They deserve no stars!

(1 / 5)

  This is the WORST energy supply company Ive ever dealt with in my adult life! Their customer service is beyond horrible. Their management team sucks even worse. These people have no souls. Not only is their policies created to stiff their customers, they lack tack. If youre ever going through you know LIFE, dont expect these people or the company to care. They have no flexibility when trying to secure services, pay a past due bill or even a current bill! They required a deposit which cannot be broken up over the billing cycle like Ameren. I used to think Ameren was the horrible but Corn Belt Energy is Satan on earth. They will cut you off in extreme temperatures unlike Ameren. Their rates suck too! No better than their competitors! Bloodsuckers they are. I pray no one on their staff ever have a spouse loose a job or themselves and need help. They wont find it here. Not even a forebearance! I asked for a week extension and was not only told no but I was told find a church or shelter to help. Its sad that you cant choose who your energy supplier will be. I hope to buy a home soon and you better believe Ill be looking for a home powered by Ameren. This place can burn in Hell.

Mom of 5
November 29th, 2018

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Solar power

(1.4 / 5)

  Terrible company to work with when installing a new solar system. They limit the system size to10 kW no matter the electricity you need. They also charge 1000 dollars for application fee and require them to be listed as related party on a manditory one million dollar liability policy the customer must pay. As a member of several cooperatives,which are owned by their customers,corn belt electric is the the only one which is so anti patrons. They seem to do everything possible to prevent clean solar on their grid. If you finally get your system connected they only let customers accumulate unused power produced by your system for three months then they take it for the company. Amerin lets their customers accumulate for one year and require no additional liability insurance.lastly their rates per kW are significantly higher than amerin on our other farms.we have no choice of power providers and are held captive by a company that does not seem to care about the environment .

January 21st, 2018

Billing and Account Management
Customer Service
How likely are you to recommend
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