How to Find Cheap Electric Rates in Ameren

The three different Ameren rate zones can make shopping for the best electricity plan confusing. We show you how so you can save.

Navigating The Maze Of Ameren Rate Zones

Ameren is the biggest utility in Illinois. It also has three rates zones. Find out how you can still shop Cheap Electric Rates and get the best deal!
Don’t know which Ameren rate zone you’re in? Find out how you can still shop Cheap Electric Rates and get the best deal!

Are you struggling to navigate the huge Ameren electric service territory? You’re not alone. This behemoth of an electricity utility serves about 3/4 of the state of Illinois. And things don’t stop there. There are three separate rate zones under the Ameren name. Do you live in one of these territories? Do you know how to find cheap electric rates in Ameren land?

Find Which Ameren Price To Compare?

Depending on where you live, your price may be slightly different. The most important thing to know when you’re searching for your price to compare is which service territory you live in. While the rates may be similar, or even identical, the rates change every 3-5 months and can change depending on where you live. This also doesn’t include the monthly adjustments for the “Purchased Electricity Adjustment” where your bill can change for worse or better. If this sounds complicated, it is. Currently, all three Ameren territories have a price to compare of 10.628 cents per kWh, but those prices expire at the end of the year.

What’s Your Dream Plan?

Are you looking for a quick plan to last a couple of months or a lease? Look at 3, 6, or even 12-month plans. Are you looking to lock in a price for a few years? Look for a 24 or 36-month plans. Do you want paperless billing or other conveniences? Do you need payment options? A budget plan? Instead of looking at a wall of plans with no idea what you want, make a list of everything your perfect plan would have, and keep it handy.

Find The Best Plan For You

Finally, check out what’s in your area. You can search rates in your city using Illinois Electricity Ratings, or search by your zip code. Use the filters to search for the dream plan that you just laid out for your home. Additionally, check out how we score providers to find your best match. Lastly, all you have to do is call up the company and ask to be switched. It’s just that easy. The companies take the rest of the work, and you can just relax and wait for your next meter read.

Don’t Let The Weirdness Make You Pause

We get it, Ameren is kind of a beast to work around. With all the territories and differences, you may feel paralyzed. We’re here to tell you it’s not the monster you may think it is. In any case, switching is easy, and we’re here to make it even easier for you. So check out for the right plan for you.

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