How to Shop the Best Electricity in Chicago

Learn how to save more when you shop the best electricity rates in Chicago. Find out how to find the right energy plan for your family's needs!

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Shop the best electricity rates and plans in Chicago! Learn more about providers and rates from our real customer reviews and save more!
Chicago’s Loop residents have it all. Unfortunately, that includes high ComEd rates. Stay in the Loop and learn how to shop the best electricity in Chicago!

Chicago’s Loop residents have it all. Unfortunately, that includes high ComEd rates. With their price to compare at 11.049 cents per kWh, you might not know where to start. We’re going to break down what you should look for, how to swap, and how to compare to the going rate from ComEd. Let’s shop the best electricity in Chicago!

What Should You Look For While Shopping For Electricity

Sure, a low price is one thing, but there are a lot of other factors to finding your perfect rate. Make sure you keep an eye on any monthly recurring charges. And because providers can no longer charge early termination fees, switching is easier than ever before.

You should also keep an eye on the length of the contract term. Make sure that you’re signing up for the contract length you need before you commit to a rate. When you shop at Illinois Energy Ratings, you can set the search filters to show the kinds of term length, company rating, and even renewable energy that interest you. You can then organize these by rate to find the best match to fit your needs!

How To Swap Your Electricity Rate

So, now you know what you’re looking for, but how do you get it? Thankfully, this process is very easy for you. Just contact your new chosen retail electricity supplier, and they’ll handle the rest. Your start date will depend on your next meter read date. There’s no hassle for you, and no back and forth with companies to get your bills in order.

Comparing Electricity Rates To ComEd

Comparing energy rates saves you money. So, you’d think it’d be as easy as “one number is bigger than the other” but that’s not necessarily the case. On one hand, yeah, shopping for the lowest rate might be an important part of your search. On the other, understanding what you’re comparing is equally as important. Illinois electricity providers offer fixed rates or variable rate plans. A fixed rate is pretty self-explanatory, the rate you agree to stays the same for the entirety of your term length. Variable rates, however, can change month to month. And because they follow the market price for electricity, they can get very expensive!

Meanwhile, ComEd’s price to compare rate is essentially a variable rate. This means that it can change, adjusted for the cost of electricity in your area. If you’re trying to save money pay attention to this because the ComEd rate changes on average every three to five months.

Switch With Illinois Energy Ratings

Illinois Energy Ratings is more informative than plug in Illinois, making it easier to find a rate that’s perfect for you. Come shop today and see how much you could be saving over ComEd’s rate. With inflation pushing retail electricity rates ever higher, now is a great time to start looking for your perfect rate. Head on over to and switch and save today.

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