Three Cheapest 12 Month Fixed Rate Plans in Chicago

Those high Chicagoland sumer temperatures drive up electricity rates. Shop the cheapest fixed rate plans now and save more all year round!

Find Cheap Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

Shop cheapest fixed rate electricity plans in the Chicago area! Lock in a low priced long term plan and save all year!
ComEd’s rates change in May. And with a hot summer coming, electricity rates could rise. Lock in cheapest fixed rate plan now to save on your bills for months!

With PTC rates so low, it can be tempting to stick with ComEd. But those rates will change soon! And with spring in the air, electricity prices are falling. So, now is the perfect time to shop for low priced electricity plans! Let’s look at the three cheapest 12 month fixed rate plans in Chicago.

Why Pick a Fixed Rate Higher than the PTC Rate?

Right now, Illinois electric rates are well below the yearly national average. The current ComEd PTC rate is even a bit lower. However, the ComEd PTC rate expires on May 31st. And by then the hot summer weather will start driving up AC demand and your electricity prices.

Shopping for a 12 month fixed-rate plan now means you’ll lock in the current low rate for the next year. And those rising summer PTC rates won’t affect your bills. Plus, without early termination fees, you won’t have to pay a penalty if you have to leave the contract early.

Best Fixed Rates for New Customers

To find out how much you can save, let’s compare using the EIA average monthly electrical usage of 720 kWh a month.

First, we have a great deal for customers new to Direct Energy. Their Live Brighter 12 plan comes in at only 7.39 cents per kWh, so you’ll only spend an estimated $53.20 a month for your electric supply. In addition there are no monthly fees to worry about. And when you refer a friend to Direct Energy, you both get a $50 gift card! That’s not something you can get from ComEd!

Get the Cheapest Fixed Rate Plans with Rewards

Then, we have a supplier with the best rewards program available, Xoom Energy. And they have two great plans on offer!

Their SureLock 12 is only 7.29 cents per kWh, so you’ll spend an estimated $52.48 a month for your electricity supply. And if you want clean energy, they also offer the SimpleClean12 plan for only a little bit more. At 7.49 cents per kWh, you can have green energy for an estimated $53.92 a month! Both estimates are before the plans’ monthly $4.99 service charge.

With these great rates, can also sign up for the XOOM Energy rewards program, Xoom Extras. Their program helps earn you discounts, gift cards, and brings you more value than just an electricity plan. Does ComEd do that? Nope! This rewards program makes this supplier a personal favorite!

Shop the Cheapest12 Month Plans Now

Make no mistake, these rates won’t stay low for long. Summer months lead to higher electricity use and rising electricity prices. So, be sure to compare providers and rates, read reviews, and save money at

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