ICC REAP Map to Make Illinois Carbon Free by 2050

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has recently approved the state's first Renewable Energy Access Plan, or REAP plan. Learn how this plan could significantly increase IL's green energy.

Illinois Introduces New Climate Plan

The REAP road map announced by the ICC will signifcantly affect green energy development in Illinois and your future rates.
One key part of the ICC’s new REAP plan includes electric utilities upgrading transmission lines with GETS. These enhance reliability and efficiency at a significantly lower cost.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has recently passed the state’s first Renewable Energy Access Plan, or REAP. Which means the state is taking big steps to meet their goals for going carbon free by 2050! But how does this work, and what does it mean for your Illinois electricity bill? We’re going to explain what this plan is. And, how to find the best energy supplier.

How the REAP Works

When Illinois passed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) in September 2021, the law required the ICC to adopt a REAP road map plan. This plan will help ensure that Illinois can meet its policy requirements for a reliable and cheap clean electricity system. And to meet the goal of being carbon free by 2050, Illinois will have a lot of work to do!

The clean energy road map helps by defining Illinois’s clean energy policy. Secondly, it sets a clear timetable to meet its required goals. And lastly, it lays out a clear plan to impliment everything in a safe and stable way.

But these changes won’t happen overnight. Lawmakers will need to pass rules that benefit green energy projects to make it successful. After all, at the end of the day the REAP is just a plan. And all plans can run into roadblocks.

ICC REAP Example for Other States

But what makes this plan different from similar ones from other states? There’s a few things IL is implementing that make it a landmark in clean energy legislation.

First, they’re creating something called REAP zones. These are areas where investors can build clean energy projects quickly and effectively. By focusing on these areas at first, the state can jump start these changes.

Second, the plan will require utilities and regional transmission operators to use grid enhancing technologies (GETs) in their planning. GETs are any hardware or software that can increase the reliability and efficiency of power lines. They’re much cheaper and faster to install as grid upgrades versus building new lines.

How Will This Affect Your Illinois Electricity Bills?

Initially, you likely won’t see any difference affecting your electricity bills. But clean energy is getting cheaper and cheaper. So while the initial costs can be high, there’s some evidence it will save ratepayers money. And with the REAP encouraging the use of GETs, you can expect more savings.

And so , you should eventually see a decrease in your electricity costs! But again, these changes will take quite a bit of time. Which means you might not see a difference in your bill for a long time.

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