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Ambit's business model is that of a network or multi level marketing company, where agents are recruited to sell Ambit energy to their friends, family and social network.

Agents are required to pay a $429 fee to set up their business, and are then subject to ongoing monthly fees of $24.95 to maintain their storefront.

Ambit Energy was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

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Ambit Energy does not currently have any plans available on IL Energy Ratings.

We recommend plans from Energy Harbor and Santanna Energy Services instead.

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Quick service
Quick service Rachell from Houston TX

Stop charging so many extra charges!!
I have been with ambit for 10 years. No problems with company.. if I do have a with them they will hear. Ambit energy what's with all the extra charges. Cheryl Stewart from Houston TX

Free energy
We love ambit energy. We get free energy program for referee 15 customers .... no other energy company has this. And they have great guarantee savings plan ... i would recommend ambit to all my famliy and friends .... Ambit energy free energy program from Toledo OH

4-5 Star Reviews: 105 (21%)

Love AMBIT!!

I have been with Amnit now for two years and could not be happier! I have saved 30% over the last two years on my electric bill. Also this is the first time I have gotten a rebate from any company just for referrals of family and friends who would also love a free energy check . This is available to anyone who is a ambit Customer!!
I saved just over 500$ last year just in free energy checks. Ambit Rock

Coralee from Dunlap, Illinois
February 4th, 2020

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3-4 Star Reviews: 15 (3%)


Simple. Disconnected me for $56.25 for 3 hrs lol. Hot temp here in Addison Tx Friday thru the Midday, (no less). Ended up paying $79 & change instead of adding it to the next billing cycle. Definitely switching back to previous provider. Not even worth it if u have 2 steal from your consumers Ey?.

#It's from Texas
July 18th, 2021

Billing & Account Management
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2-3 Star Reviews: 33 (7%)

Liar Liar, Cheater, Thief

Ambit Energy is not like your standard corporation. They are also a network marketing company. Simply giving them a blanket rating as a whole really doesn't give a good enough picture of the value they provide consumers. This can get complicated fast so for a simpler approach I'm going to rate Ambit as a corporation (i.e. provider of their services, including customer service), their representatives (i.e. their consultants) and compliance (i.e. the group that oversees the consultants).

Ambit Energy Corporation: 4/5

"Never sacrifice integrity for growth" is Ambit's motto. It is impossible to please everyone but I believe Ambit as a provider of electric and gas succeeds at this as well as any sufficiently large corporation can. Having visited their facilities, they are not lavish and I suspect they are more in line with how people would want corporations to manage themselves. It was rather inspiring and refreshing. They have a very diverse set of corporate employees and their employees seem to be happy and well paid. Not everyone will have a great experience with customer service but Ambit does do extensive training.

Ambit Consultants: 0/5

Complete lack of integrity. In my own experience and by the reviews I have read, most of the complaints fall here. In short, it's about the money and not you no matter how much the consultant may claim otherwise. They want your bill or you as a consultant so they can get as much money as quickly as possible. Getting you as a consultant will earn you some cash but ultimately they want the bonus monies that doing so will net them. This is why many customers are never informed about the gotchas when signing up because if they had known they more than likely would have declined.

Ambit Field Compliance: 0/5

Lack of upholding the corporate motto of "Never sacrifice integrity for growth". I know consultants who purposefully broke the rules for gain. Field compliance failed to follow through and do what is right, period. It takes more than consultants doing what is right to protect the "golden goose", it takes a watchdog and that group is field compliance.

Overall: 1/5

If your motto is "Never sacrifice integrity for growth", you must move heaven and earth to preserve it.


If Ambit is your supplier of choice, I suggest switching your bill without going through a consultant and letting your bill fall on the house account. If the consultant has been featured in a magazine for their "success", it means nothing other than they've fooled more people...if someone lied and/or cheated to gain a dollar, that makes them a thief.

Greed from Champaign, Illinois
December 10th, 2020

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