Best 12 Month Electricity in Peoria

Choosing the best electricity plan for your home in Peoria can be daunting. Let us walk you through to help you save more!

Choose the Best 12 Month Electricity Plan

Shop the best electricity rates in Peoria. Don't pay those high Ameren PTC rates next spring. Shop now and save!
Ameren PTC rates will likely rise next year. Learn how to save more money when choosing the best 12 month electricity plan for your home in Peoria.

If you want to shop for the best electricity rate, now is the time. Fall weather is here, and with it comes decreased electricity demand. And that helps lower prices. In addition, lower natural gas prices have also help push electricity down further. But shopping the best plans and rates can be confusing. The good news is that if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! Let’s look at three of the best 12 month electricity plans available in Peoria.

Why Pick a Plan Higher than the PTC Rate?

Right now, electric rates in Illinois are well below the yearly national average. The current Ameren PTC rate is a bit lower than most of these plans we’ll get into. However, the Ameren PTC rate expires on May 31st. And by then summer weather will start driving up energy demand and prices.

Shopping for a 12 month fixed-rate plan now means you’ll lock in the current low rate for the next year. And those rising summer PTC rates won’t affect your bills. Plus, without early termination fees, you can always leave your contract if rates fall again and you find a better deal.

Find the Best Electricity Rate

First we have the best 12 month rate available, from NRG Energy. Their 12 Month Electric Choice plan comes in at only 10.1 cents per kWh. Assuming an average Illinois home uses about 700 kWh each month, the monthly energy supply charge will be about $70.70. And with no monthly fees, you can’t go wrong with this plan.

Get a Great Deal on Electricity

Next, we have a great deal for customers new to Direct Energy. Their Live Brighter 12 plan comes in at only 10.19 cents per kWh, so you’ll only spend an estimated $71.33 a month for your electric supply. In addition there are no monthly fees to worry about. And when you refer a friend to Direct Energy, you both get a $50 gift card!

Choose a Highly Rated Provider

Finally, we have Constellation. Their 12 Month Home Power Plan comes in at 10.69 cents per kWh, so your electric supply charges will run about $74.83 a month. In addition, there are no monthly fees to deal with. And as one of our highest rated providers, you’ll be happy with the service from Constellation.

Shop for Electricity and Save

These are just a few of the plans available. There are other options for longer or shorter terms that you can shop right now. Plus, you can read reviews, track electricity rates, and a lot more at

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