Shop These Electric Rates in Naperville

Winter cold is pushing fuel costs higher for generators. That means electric rates in Naperville and Chicagoland will climb higher, too. Find out how to shop cheap energy plans and save.

Cut the High Cost of Winter Energy Rates

Worried electric rates may turn your home into freezer? Find out how to save more on electrcity rates in Naperville.<center><em>Don't let high electric rates could turn your living room into a winter playground. Find out how to shop and save on your energy bills.</em></center>
Don’t let high electric rates could turn your living room into a winter playground. Find out how to shop and save on your energy bills.

With winter temperatures on the horizon, you might be looking to reduce your home’s energy costs. According to the EIA, homes that heat with natural gas could expect a 45% increase on their gas bills. And because natural gas fuels electric generators, your electric rates could rise, too. So if you’re looking to cut costs in other places to hold off the winter’s chill, we’ve got three great electricity plans for you. Check out how to shop the lowest electric rates in Naperville.

Shop Long Term Savings on Electric Rates

Do you know the best part about Illinois’ electric rates? There’s no early termination fees. That means you can score the lowest prices with long term contracts. And if you have to switch later on, it’s no problem. Constellation’s 36 Month Home Power Plan is just 8.99 cents per kWh. That’s almost a whole cent lower than ComEd’s Price To Compare. With natural gas prices driving electricity rates higher, you want a long term plan that not only keeps your bills predictable but also gives you flexibility.

Get A Quick Holdover

Not interested in dealing with a long term plan? No problem. How about a quick three month plan? NRG Home offers its Flex Electric Choice Plan at just 9.4 cents per kWh, which is about .5 cents lower than the ComEd rate. Score some savings while you’re waiting for your lease to end, or to just get you through those rough winter months. Just be sure to remember that at the end of 3 months, your contract continues on a month to month basis at a variable rate.

Get a Whole Year of Cheap Electric Rates

You may be asking why you’d pick a plan that’s higher than the ComEd rate. Well, the ComEd rate isn’t set forever. It expires in February. But that means that if prices suddenly jump in February, you’re out of luck. Check out the Premier Pick 12 month plan from Santanna. By grabbing a fixed rate plan that’s only .06 cents more than the standard offer, you don’t have to worry about your rates suddenly changing overnight. And, should rates drop, you can just switch.

Save On Your Electric RatesToday

Don’t fret about what the future holds. A fixed-rate plan can help you save this winter and even through summer. Shop and compare all the different options and find the right plan for you. Looking for other ways to save this winter? Check out a bunch of energy saving tips and tricks you can use to save even more on your monthly bills.

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