Cheapest Holiday Electric Plan in Chicago

There's still time to give yourself a lower electric rate this holiday season. Take a bite out of inflation when you shop and compare these plans now.

Gift Yourself a Lower Electric Bill

An electric plan that saves you money is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this year! Take a bite out of inflation when you shop and compare these plans now!
Didn’t get the present you wanted? Give yourself the gift of a lower electric rate this holiday season. Shop and compare these plans now and save.

The weather has certainly been harsh this holiday season! And with natural gas prices rising even further, you can expect more expensive electric bills this winter. If your wallet has been suffering from higher electricity bills it might be time to swap to a fixed-rate electric plan. Here’s the top 5 cheapest 12-month plans available right now to save you money for 2023!

The Cheapest Plan Available Right Now

ComEd’s current PTC rate expires in February, which means those rates could increase! If you simply need to make sure your energy rates stay low, look no further than Santanna Energy Services Premier Pick 12. At 9.89 cents per kWh, it’s only a little higher than the current PTC rate. And without early termination or monthly fees, it’s easy to switch plans if you find that you need to.

Looking for a Highly Rated Electric Provider?

If you’re looking for a good rate and high customer satisfaction, these next plans are for you. The Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan is our next cheapest, coming in at 10.59 cents per kWh. This might seems like a jump, but remember that ComEd’s PTC rates have been volatile. And if you’re interested in investing in green energy, you can also choose the Constellation 12 Month Green Home Power Plan for 10.99 cents per kWh. Both plans have an early cancellation fee of $50, but no monthly reoccuring charges. Constellation is also our top rated electricity provider, so you know customer service will be a breeze.

More Chicago Electric Plans

If those other options don’t fit the bill, then don’t fret! Our last two 12-month plans are still affordable and don’t come with early termination fees. The Xoom Energy Surelock 12 might just be the plan for you at 10.59 cents per kWh. Or if you want a more affordable green energy plan, consider the Xoom Energy SimpleClean 12. Both plans offer no early termination fees, but do have a monthly $4.99 charge.

Save on Your Electricity Plan this New Year

Don’t let variable PTC rates get you down this winter! Lock in a low price to carry you into the New Year with one of these fantastic fixed-rate plans. Shop for IL electricity providers, read reviews, and stay on top of rising rates with

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