Best 12 Month Plans In Arlington Heights

Spring time not brings out the flowers but the best plans at the lowest electricity rates. Find out who's got the lowest prices! Shop now!

Get the Best Plans With Low Rate While You Can!

The best electricity plans now have the cheapest rates! Spring is the time to grab the best energy deals before summer heat!
ComEd rates are rising but you can shop the best energy plans and save! Why? It’s spring time! Find out why electricity rates are low and how you can save!

With ComEd constantly in the news for bribery and corruption, it’s time to switch to an honest electricity provider. And now is the perfect time to shop and compare electricity rates. Spring is in the air, decreasing electricity demand and lowering prices. Additionally, natural gas prices have dropped to the lowest since 2020, lowering prices even more. So, let’s check out some of the best plans available right now in Arlington Heights.

The Best Plans With No Fees

If you’re new to Direct Energy they have a great offer available for you! Their Live Brighter 12 plan offers electricity at a rate of only 8.39 cents per kWh. That’s 13% lower than the current ComEd PTC rate. And to top it off, there’s no extra monthly charges or cancellation fees. For customers interested in trying Direct Energy it’s a great deal.

Save With a Highly Rated Provider

Do you prefer to stick with a tried and true electricity provider? Then check out Constellation. Their 12 Month Home Power plan offers electricity at a fixed-rate of only 9 cents per kWh and no monthly fees. True, their rate is a little higher than the other plans listed here. But, Constellation has the best reviews on our page. Because of this, we highly recommend Constellation.

Get the Best Rates and Rewards

Are you looking for the lowest rates you can find? Or maybe you’re interested in a company with a robust rewards program? Then look no further than Xoom Energy. Currently they have three plans on the market all under the current ComEd PTC rate. And all of them have different benefits.

Simply want the lowest rate available? Check out their SureLock 12 plan. At 8.1 cents per kWh, it’s currently the cheapest 12 month rate available. But maybe you’re interested in green energy? Instead, look into the SimpleClean 12 plan. You can invest in renewable energy while still locking in a low rate of 8.2 cents per kWh. Finally, if you want to get a low rate while also supporting charity, there is the RescueLock 12. It’s the highest rate of the three plans, costing 8.6 cents per kWh. But 5% of your monthly energy charges will get donated to PetSmart Charities.

All of these plans come with a small monthly fee of $4.99. In addition, you can sign up for the XOOM Energy rewards program, Xoom Extras. Their program helps earn you discounts, gift cards, and more.  

Shop the Best 12 Month Plans Now

Make no mistake, these rates won’t stay low for long. Summer months lead to higher electricity use, increasing rates. And with utilities increasing rates all over Illinois, locking in a low fixed-rate will save you money long term. So, be sure to compare providers and rates, read reviews, and save money at

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