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Champion Energy Services, a Calpine company, is one of the fastest-growing and largest retail electric providers in the United States. Champion Energy was founded in 2005 and serves residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets across the U.S.

Champion Energy's growth is driven by competitive, straightforward pricing and a reputation for maintaining the highest levels of satisfaction with its customers. In fact, Champion Energy has ranked "Highest in Residential Customer Satisfaction with Retail Electric Service in Texas" by J. D. Power in 2015 (and in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013). Choose Champion Energy and get straightforward pricing, 24/7 customer care and Smart Track weekly usage reports.

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Ive used Champion Energy for a little while now. Great Service, and has always been low/reasonably priced. Have no complaints with them at all. I am really grateful to have them because my last energy company would have sporadic pricing on the bills... with some hidden fees and stuff. Luckily, I can honestly say that Champion Energy has done none of that! Honestly, you cant go wrong with this company. Ali Wazir from Fort Worth TX

I like to do far
This company offered the lowest rates so far. And I researched it pretty well. I am happy so far.
Olena form Texas from Texas City TX

Best Energy Provider So Far
It was easy to research and see how Champion had the best price per kilowatt hour. I created an Excel spreadsheet and entered the previous years worth of usage with my old company and then another as if I had been with Champion. Once I saw how much more savings I would receive, I did the same data analyst for my daughter. I convinced my daughter to sign up with them even before I was eligible to change companies! By the time I was able to sign up, (2 months after her) I ended up paying a penny more per KWh, but I still save! Were both very happy. Sandy L from Pflugerville TX

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